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Ugg has also refreshed its men’s collection by pursuing high-fashion collaborations. UGG Buy Online It has worked with utility-minded New York designer Heron Preston, on waterproof “urban tech” pull-on boots, and bicoastal indie-darlings Eckhaus Latta, on a curious square-toed boot. Another joint effort, with A Bathing Ape, the legendary Japanese streetwear brand, yielded a camo-and-shearling sneaker that rapper Lil Wayne modeled in ads.

Ms. O’Donnell admits that the brand is “in the early stages” of converting men to UGG on Sale. The goals include persuading more influencers to post photos of themselves wearing the shoes on social media or to venture out in public strategically shod as bait for the paparazzi. Ugg targets everyone from “micro influencers”—those with under 10,000 devoted Instagram followers—to celebrities, including rapper Lil Yachty, whose follower counts are in the millions. In exchange for passively advocating Uggs, these influencers get product, or, if their audience is robust, money.


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