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The filter is naturally the same style as the American style Carton Of Cigarettes. Look carefully, there is also a row of fine focus reduction holes in the middle of the filter paper. But this Marlboro has not become moldy. When sniffing the roll paper, the strong sour gas was expected. The hand-squeezed roll paper is not hard and still very soft. I think the main reason is that the tobacco is in a soft state due to the opening of the box this season. If it is opened in winter, it will be very dry and hard. Smell the roll paper again. The acid gas is indeed very strong, and at the same time, it seems to have the smell of heavy metal rust. I once wrote an article about the Russian tax-paid version of hard red million. The Russian-style hard red million is a granular version with a black frame warning statement, and it will be produced several years later than this Ukrainian duty-free hard red million. The time when Owan was opened was last winter, and the smell of the roll paper was stronger than the Owan in the text. When I took the last box last month, the taste was obviously much weaker. Since I can smoke, I must taste it carefully. The unique mixed smell of Marlboro is already very vague mokingusacigarettes.com. This can be reflected in the smoke that does not enter the lungs from the entrance, but is directly exhaled through the mouth. After spitting out the smoke, carefully aftertaste the feelings of the lips and teeth, always feel that the peculiar smell of heavy metal is too strong! There is some nausea in the mouth, very uncomfortable. Taking a thick breath, the smoke slipped into the lungs. Although it is an old model, the throat irritation caused by the smoke is very light. After the smoke enters the lungs, the impact force is not much different from some new versions of Hongwan. But still because of the taste, the smoke came out again and the mouth was chewed Marlboro Red, and the nausea appeared again. Therefore, the satisfaction is not so good. I took two of them, and they were all like this. As for the effect after being ventilated for a period of time, I donít believe it. Although they are all shredded tobacco, there is a difference between the mixed type and the flue-cured tobacco type in the process of processing. Moreover, some flue-cured tobacco that has been kept for a long time and is generally preserved, smoked after many years, is basically the same as this Uzbek-style Hongwan. There is one exception, even if you donít have a cigarette on hand, you can get one.
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