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The cigarette tastes pure, thick and smooth, the smoke is full, and the smoke is long lasting. The throat is smooth and comfortable, and the aftertaste is pure. Its coke content is 11mg. The smoke is strong. It is more suitable for senior smokers. The appearance is simple and elegant. The box is novel and then a light sip. The amount of smoke and dust is slightly less, The smoke and dust rotate slightly in the mouth, and then slowly inhale it through the nasal cavity Newport Cigarettes Coupons. The smoky dirt has a slight irritation to the nose, slightly sour and soft, and will soon disappear. The basis of the external fragrance is impossible to achieve, but the taste of the cloud smoke golden belt The key is the fragrance of plums. Slight suction: suction. The suction resistance is slightly lower, but it is still in a more comfortable state. In order to relieve the absorption of natural light, the hot and humid shredded tobacco has just begun to arouse the mixed aroma substances Marlboro Gold., The smoke in the center area will turn over. Under the mellow main style, various subtle levels are output layer by layer. In the second half, the smoke converges, the boundaries are clear, and there is no jagged feeling. Is Yunyan (Medium Gold Belt) easy to smoke? The experience is stronger than the thin gold belt. But mixing is more natural. Especially in the pure natural plum fragrance atmosphere, it is vague and always in harmony with the main style Cigarettes For Sale, making the enjoyment interesting. There is no feeling against customers either. And add a very aromatic smell! Do you remember that in the detailed introduction of the red cloud gold belt, it was said that the gold belt uses pure natural processing technology to purify the Gaoligong mountain plum as a seasoning additive. Yes, the taste of the Yunyan gold belt means it has A little sour plum fragrance and pleasant fragrance. In the past two years, Hongyun Honghe has indeed made steady progress in technological precipitation and extroversion. This can be achieved from the Zhuangyan high-end raw material industrial base and the third tobacco flavor. Seen in.
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