#1 The level 132 declares he knows an all black people clan von Molianalex 05.10.2020 08:04

The majority of them don't possess an Adze at all, on account of their additional skills needed to get one and most of them are low levels (around 60 - 80) with smart alec attitudes. I have had at least 3 discussions with nubs that think they are better than me since I don't wear my 99 cape around 24/7. I know I can't talk I have 99 fletching, but that I did fletching for money for quite a while, along with wcing. I stopped at about 96 and a half and decided I might too add it as a way to cut my 99 strength. I do not pride myself or ever wear my 99 fletch cape either.

Ok, so about 5 minutes ago I had been slaying as usual from the kuradel dungeon and here I am only beating up a couple of abyssals and I detect two players using a really in depth conversation. Normally I would totally ignore them and continue with my assignment but a particular line caught my attention.

"No way dude black people can not manage to play this match". You know I really couldnt help it I began laughing hysterically! Normally I steer clear of petty arguments such as those I mean I usually just let them duke it out before someone gets known as"no life" or something and leaves, but today I was feeling quite evil so I expected in with a gorgeous opening lineup. That is totally true.

"I'M BLACK AND I PLAY RUNESCAPE! SURPRISE!" For a minute there I felt pure power, such as my balls had grown a couple more inches... That was a fantastic feeling..ooohh the pride... The next thing I know I used to be working towards kuradel with a couple torch bearing, white hooded figures chasing me yelling"lynch him!!" ... ok, ok. . What really happens goes because fallows... I actually didnt know if they were serious or if this really was a big joke so forgive me when the fallowing seems absurd and unbeliveable but it is the reality.

I'd add the upcoming few lines but any idiot could tell you what the conversation box looked like after those initial couple of lines *racist remark, smiley, racist remark,"lol", smiley* Well then so here I was getting beaten up liberally by your friendly runescape neighbourhood klan. As a result of my wimpy character *as a more black mark will probly perma ban my accounts * I usually bail from conversdations at about this stage.

The level 132 declares he knows an all black people clan! And player1 declares his father a part of the klan irl and he despises blks blah blah blah.

Then the shizzle strikes the fan cause by then other slayers from the dungeon are shooting interest and carrying sides. There were about 8 of us in the dungeon at that time and every1 except for a lone level 116 took sides and started breaking rules yelling racist stuff and making the r.s chat box resemble a script written by 50cent. Every one ignore the level 116 that hadnt said a word.

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