#1 I really like Animal Crossing and I agree that faux-RPG mechanics von Molianalex 05.10.2020 08:03

They're also all a bit too sweet, which seems kind of dull and generic. But frankly I have never been randomly told off with one of my friends/neighbors IRL therefore it's sensible in a way. Just a little sass wouldn't hurt, however.

I don't feel as though villagers were actually that more varied in old games. Realistically it comes down to having things to do/reasons to test in on the sport that keeps people playing. I am not convinced a bit more conversation is the gap between 50 hours and 500.

I would like to find some information on this. It actually feels like there is more diverse dialogue in this one than at any the previous person's to me, and I've got hundreds of hours in each game. Only difference is the lack of meaner villagers when compared with the first.

I really don't have a hyperlink but dataminers found months ago that the villagers in NH have more lines of dialogue than any of those old games. You need to keep talking to them for to the interesting and more diverse stuff, which remains an issue since few people talk to their own villagers over a few times every day.

The fact that the most upvoted remark in this thread asks trying characters to get stats for mini-games says so much about the way the men and women who complain about AC with this sub really have no urge to play AC. You would like AC to be a completely different game. I've put a ton of hours into each AC, and NH is without a doubt, the largest step the franchise has obtained since the initial game. The amount of freedom you need to produce your town your own is absurd in contrast to the previous game. I can't imagine ever going back to a different one.

I really like Animal Crossing and I agree that faux-RPG mechanics wouldn't make for a much better Animal Crossing, but in many ways New Horizons felt just like step back from New Leaf. The decoration methods are enhanced but the furniture assortment is lacking, so it felt much harder to make something that felt like it represented me. I have seen plenty of very creative designs, but I have also seen a ton of basically the exact same bedroom or kitchen or living room. It will not help that they destroyed the customization choices of NL by creating like half the things unable to be customized, so forcing you to wait forever or attempt to trade for the ideal color box sofa.

Being able to personalize your island is extremely cool, but the real-time aspect means my island felt half baked. I'd begin to execute an idea, spend 2 weeks moving buildings, then realize I do not like the outcome. I suppose I should focus on the positives of this island reshaping, but this was definitely something which left me feeling bummed.

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