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In the spring of March, the camphor trees are covered with bright yellow camphor leaves. Occasionally, there was a slight rain falling in the sky. The drizzle gently stroked the camphor tree, making a crisp sound of "sand rustle". The music played by natural instruments circulated and floated along the breeze over the campus ... The hot summer came The branches and leaves of the camphor tree grew denser Online Cigarettes. Many branches and leaves are blended together to form a huge "green awning." We play and play under this "green velvet umbrella", and we feel extremely cool and extremely happy in our hearts. The golden autumn is coming, and the leaves of the camphor tree are gradually turning yellow. Take a closer look at the small, round, green and green camphor fruit! Where these camphor trees fall, they take root where they grow. A breeze blew, and the golden leaves fell like fairy scattered flowers, laying a golden carpet for us. The winter is cold and windy, the sky is flying with heavy goose feathers and snow, and many trees are powerless to hang their heads, but only the camphor tree, no matter how thick and heavy the snow accumulated on it, it still stands tall and does not suffer from difficulty. overwhelming. what! Camphor tree, I love you! Love you full of life, love you selfless dedication Marlboro Cigarettes, love you courage not to be overwhelmed by difficulties! The 800-word composition of the campus landscape thinks this is fine? No, there were bursts of thunder and lightning along with the rain. A flash of lightning appeared in the sky without warning, making the campus shrouded in darkness suddenly bright. It's a pity that after a flash, Lightning disappeared. At the same time, thunder came again from the horizon, and the rumbling sound fell to the land again. Someone covered her ears, some looked at the sky with interest, watching this majestic heavy rain. The heavy rain was mixed with lightning, raging on the land constantly, and the wind hurried to cheer, as if wanting to devour the whole world. The rain slammed against the wall, washing the wall over and over again. After this heavy rain, the campus should be refreshed. Rain, this is how to wash the ground, over and over again, without getting bored. The mountains in the distance have long been invisible. In the face of this heavy rain, it seems that even the mountains have become small. What a hazy landscape painting of the mountains in the rain and mist! The rain gradually became smaller, and then later, a ray of sunlight finally broke through the clouds and spattered in this sky and earth. As a result, more and more sunlight was radiating from various places in the clouds. After a while, the campus was shrouded in golden light. The sun shined on my body, it was really comfortable, I stretched a lazy waist, enjoying the sunshine. There are many students holding the idea of ??playing with water. This time, the gang was out of control. They rushed down one after another and fought a water fight on the grass. Holding the shoes, rolling up the pants, rolling up the sleeves ... This campus, at this moment, finally burst into infinite vitality. After the rain, the air becomes very fresh and people can feel refreshed. This is the rain scene on campus. I just want to say that the rain scene on campus is so beautiful! The weather of the composition of the campus landscape is really fickle. Just now there were clear skies, and people were very upset in the sun, but in the blink of an eye Cigarettes For Sale, there was a thunderous sound in the sky. The dark clouds came violently, rolling over in the air continuously, making people feel sullen. In just a moment, the downpour came to the world. A heavy rain is very majestic. A little raindrop falls from the sky. One drop may not be noticeable. How about ten million drops? As a result, the land looked a little hazy. A drop of rain drops quickly, like a needle, like a thread. The downy rain fell, decorating the land. I stood in the hallway outside the classroom, watching the rain of this campus with great interest. The rain soon formed a rain curtain that enveloped the campus. "Slap!" A drop of water quickly fell to the ground, forming small puddles in the grass. On the grass, there was a faint light shining, that was reflected from the water. "Crack!" Another drop of water fell, falling on the water surface of the small puddle, rippling waves, and slowly spreading away from where the water drops. The water drops continued to fall, so the water surface became more exciting, and the ripples intertwined with each other, but it seemed that they did not affect each other, just ran in the direction of the previous one.
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