#1 I like grandma very von ylq 15.04.2020 03:54

I like grandma very much. If my favorite loved one is a parent, then my second favorite is none other than grandma. In my memory, my grandmother looks like she will never be angry or sad. She looks kind and kind, smiles at any time, and her emotions are always very peaceful. Grandma is particularly hard-working Newport Cigarettes, no matter how hard or tired, it is hard work. My grandmother also has the advantage of having many ideas and being able to adapt to random situations. No matter what you do, she always shows ease of action. It seems to me like a superman. The grandma's family lives in the gardener's community, because the grandfather is a retired old teacher. A set of two-bedroom, one-bedroom unit is small in size and only enough for the grandfather and grandma to live. The uncle's family lives in the Beiyuan community. The year before last, my grandfather fell ill and was inconvenient in his activities and needed care. My uncle and my mom and dad are going to work during the day. My grandfather mainly depends on my grandmother to take good care of them. During that time, my grandmother was sick and tired, and she was thinner, and she had more white hair. But she still pretended to be all of us in her heart, and when she was free, she asked whether the work was going smoothly, and asked me if I was studying well. At the beginning of this year, my grandfather passed away, and the loved ones were very sad, but the saddest thing is, isn't it grandma? Grandpa is the most intimate companionship of grandma. This grandpa leaves all the grandma with loneliness. Uncle told her to live with them, and grandmother was not willing to leave the house where she lived with her grandfather. Since then, the smile on my grandmother's face has been reduced. But as soon as I saw me, I was happy, and my grandmother liked me very much. Whenever my mother and her siblings are available, my grandmother will set up a large table of meals, make a few dishes I love, and tell us to eat. When I eat, my grandmother will always give me a variety of delicious dishes Marlboro Cigarettes, especially my favorite food, and before I finish eating, my grandmother will send a lot of them to my bowl. Every time I go to my grandmother's house when I am sick, my grandmother is very nervous and concerned. If I have any good results, my grandma will smile, praise me, and then encourage me to continue my efforts. Immediately, I wrapped a big red envelope and said that it was awarded to me Carton Of Cigarettes. My mother said it was not necessary, but my grandmother insisted on putting the red envelope in her mother's bag before she gave up. Grandma treats me so well, how can I betray my grandma's expectations? Grandma, you can rest assured that I will continue to make myself better, in order to repay your high hopes for me
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