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This spring, the hallway outside our classroom is more beautiful and dazzling than before, because there are new members-eight roses. As soon as they came, they attracted our eyes. Every time after class, they are crowded with twitter children. Rose is wearing a dark green coat, and there are brown-green, pointed thorns hidden in the small branches and leaves. I am protecting myself. The green leafy branches climbed up the iron railing, and it looked like a green wall. The next step is to wait for a long time, to see it every day, to touch it, to find it, expecting different colors on the green wall. Suddenly one day, I found a dark green ball, wow, good things, flowers and bones! A green tulle wrapped a bulging face. The next day, the little face shyly revealed a little red. On the third day, two or three pieces were unfolded. On the fourth day, all of them were unfolded. The new petals caught your eyes. Surprisingly, such small faces are increasing every day: one, two Marlboro Lights, three ... just like cute dolls. After two or three weeks, the roses have successively opened their smiling faces: dark pink, light pink, pink, rose red ... you are next to me, I am squeezing you, graceful, and bloom your own beauty, take a look, touch one Touch, smell, play by the flower wall, the mood is different. There are more children around Rose, and more people want to own it. One day, we found that the ten classes of naughty eggs picked off several flowers. We were distressed and we were angry, so we made a few brands of flower protection: fragrant flowers, tender hands; how cute little flowers, please don't hurt. I think, if the rose blooms quietly and quietly, is there no one hurt? Is it beautiful and valuable? There are some contradictions, just have fun! "I am a beautiful and beautiful red rose. I will return to the sky and bloom to the dark. It will make people pass by and be bland ..." Lijiang Xiaoqian's "Red Rose" resounded throughout the spring Wholesale Cigarettes. [Postscript] Zhu'er: "Our class has a lot of" quietly beautiful "classmates Newport Cigarettes." "Oh? Tell me about it." "A lot of clever, well-studied, but the teacher did not often praise, these students are in" quietly beautiful '.' "Then would you like to drive quietly, quietly beautiful?" "I do." Oh? As a mother, what should you do? I was lost in thought ... I hope she blooms in front of people like a rose, and she hopes to open quietly at night like a fragrant Yelaixiang, quietly beautiful
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