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The basic meaning of "filial piety" is that when the child is a child, the parents shelter the child from the wind and rain; when the child grows up, the parent is old Newport 100S, and the child carries the parent underneath. "Filial piety" is the traditional virtue of the Chinese nation and everyone should inherit it. This is what Marshal Chen Yi did well. No matter how busy the business was, he had to find time to visit his old mother. In 1962, Marshal Chen Yi returned to visit his country and passed by his hometown. He wanted to find time to visit his mother. Chen Yi's mother was paralyzed in bed, size She could n��t help herself. When Chen Yi entered the house, her mother was very excited, but suddenly remembered that the changed diapers were still on the bed, and motioned to hide it under the bed. Chen Yi knew the truth and said, "Mother, you have been in bed for a long time. I I ca n��t be by your side, and I feel very sad. I should wash these pants, so why hide them? "My mother was very distressed and wanted to rush to wash. After Chen Yi stopped it, she washed the diapers and other dirty clothes and cleaned it. The mother smiled with relief. Marshal Chen Yi is a big man, even if his business is busy, but He does not go to the old mother at home. What kind of filial piety is this, and it is a model of great filial piety. Of course, there are many filial piety like Marshal Chen Yi in the world, and of course there will be some bad morals. He was separated from his biological parents during an escape and refuge. Later, Zhang Yuanxiu and his wife regarded them as their sons. After growing up, Zhang Jibao went out for a trip and met his parents, but he said goodbye. Later, Zhang Jibao was admitted to the No. 1 spot, and his parents went to meet him. Zhang Jibao felt that his parents had lost their face, and kicked them away. The old couple filled with anger and killed each other Newport Cigarettes. After a while, the sky flashed and thundered, killing Zhang Jibao. This is the consequence of the bad boy. His filial piety may anger the gods or may be just an accident, but we still have to abandon this behavior. The pain is divided into 12 grades, of which the 12th grade is the pain of the mother during childbirth. The man wanted to try the pain of his wife's delivery, so he imitated it by electric shock. Many people screamed in pain, and cried with their wife afterwards. So we should honor our parents. We should let them think that they were The pain you bear is worth cherishing. Don't let the passage of time take away your feelings mokingusacigarettes.com, and don't regret your behavior when you grow up. Hurry up and be filial

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